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Nov. 16th, 2016 08:37 pm
moikyuu: (hanayo)
Welcome to Neenee's dreamwidth post for the Colors TCG!

Click the banner above to go to my Colors Post!

Mass Decks:

click the images to see which decks make up each mass deck!

Wishlist (for decks I don't have cards for):

Studio Ghibli:

Love Live:

Trading priorities are below.

  1. Currently collecting
  2. Keeping
  3. Might
If you don't have any of those and would like to trade for something of mine, just leave a comment below and I will gladly let you know whether or not I want anything in your trade pile! (don't worry...I don't bite!)

Some of the special cards in my keep pile are just there because I like a particular character on the card, and not necessarily because I'm collecting the deck. My priorities for keeping cards are regulars in my mass decks, then regular keeping, special keeping, might regular...etc etc. Just ask if you're not sure!

I am ok with being asked for cards I haven't claimed yet from games, as long as you tell me which game so I can properly log it before trading. :)

Signature Card:

fresh out of stock!

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